Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Feel Good Gut Feeling

Until recently I didn't really see a use for taking a probiotic but when my daughter just deal with bowel movement problems they wanted us to start using probiotics after her medication was done. Since she was taking it I thought I should take the adult version so that I would know what her body might be going through.

I haven't seen any adverse effects but I haven't really felt any differently either but of course if it is keeping my gut healthy I guess I wouldn't feel anything. I really like that you only take this once a day and that is easy to swallow.

As for my daughter and her child probiotic well she is still going to the bathroom fine so I guess all had worked out well. Finally I understand what probiotics do.

Life & Food Probiotic can be found on Amazon.

What Life & Food has to say about their product.

Why Take Ultra Probiotic-50?
Did you know that your digestive system dictates whether you're sick or not? About 90% of your body's genetic material is owned by bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that compose your microflora. Ultra Probiotic-50 is an extra potent critical care supplement, for MEN and WOMEN, that helps restore your digestive health, immunity and overall well being.

Life & Food Ultra Probiotic-50 is an Advanced Strength probiotic formula with a high live culture count, specifically designed to maximize your overall gut and digestive health†. Each capsule is formulated with Patented Sunfiber® Prebiotics, and DRcaps® time release technology, which increases the probiotic efficacy . 

What is Sunfiber® Prebiotics?
Sunfiber® is an essential dietary fiber and prebiotic that stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut. (Patented by Taiyo Intl.)
Contains no Maltodextrin or Stearates. Kosher Certified. Gluten Free, Non-Dairy, and Non-GMO.

About the Product
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH 1 A DAY FORMULA - Contains 50 BILLION live cultures using 10 of the MOST effective B. and L. strains for the body. This EXTRA strength formula is designed for those seeking to MAXIMIZE your gut and digestive health.
    MORE POWERFUL RESULTS - With advanced DRCAPS technology, each capsule will EFFECTIVELY deliver 50 B CFU of positive microorganisms to your deep intestinal tracts.
    CRUCIAL PREBIOTICS NEEDED - Unlike most probiotic supplements, Ultra Probiotic 50 contains Sunfibre and FOS prebiotics. Prebiotics are CRUCIAL when it comes to supplementing bacterial growth and compliments the effects of probiotics in your gut.
    NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED - Using Activ-Polymer technology, our ENHANCED bottles keep our live cultures potent until consumption. Each bottle is lined Oxyfree Absorber to remove oxygen during storage. Up to 18 Months Shelf Life Guaranteed 
You can find out more about Life & Food on:

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