Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hair clogging your shower?

If you are like our family with three girls not counting myself there is a lot of hair in the house, and if it is not in the brushes then it is most likely stuck in the drain of your tub. My husband has shown all of our girls what their hair looks like when he has to pull it out of the drain. Lets just say disgusting. But with this little gem the hair sits on the drainer while letting the water go down the drain then all you do is scoop the drain cover up and dispose of hair in the waste basket. It really is that easy. No more clogged drains.

This little drain saver is silicone and easy to use. My husband is super thankful for this little item that makes life living with a wife and 4 girls that much more pleasant.

This drain cover can be found on Amazon.

What Prestige Industries has to say about their product.

If you or someone in your house has longer hair then clogged shower or bath drains are something you are familiar with. This shower hair trap filter will catch all of the normal suspects that clog your drain saving you money and the hassle of unclogging gross drains yourself.

2-WAY DRAIN CATCH - Can be used from either side and fits most drains easily and will prevent many drain clogs.

PREVENT CLOGGED DRAINS - Stops hair and debris from going down the drain and clogging your showers, sinks and bath tubs.

PREMIUM LATEX RUBBER - Made from heavy duty latex rubber which grabs hair preventing it from going down your drain.

EASY TO CLEAN - Easily clean by letting dry and removing hair from the strainer. Can be washed and placed in dish washer.

FITS MOST DRAINS - Fits most drains and can be used in bathroom sinks, shower drains and bath drains.


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