Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bedroom 1

This particular bedroom was my second oldest daughters room. She loved orange so that explains the color. I has been this way since she was in 6th grade and she is now in college. Since she is away we thought we would take the time to clean it up. Before we were able to to our youngest daughters thought it would be a neat idea to fill this room with all of the stuff they didn't want in their rooms. Wrong so what I thought would be easier became a bit harder. We had already pulled out the dresser, bed, clothes, and curtains before and had put the extra mattresses up against one wall before they filled the room with junk.

I wanted to remind my readers we rent so please don't judge the window that were not put in right or other things that the landlord has not fixed yet. We have been here 9 years and the list which we have had from day one just keeps getting bigger and his men only come out to do a few things at a time. Usually when they are here they have to borrow my husband's tools because they don't have the right tools for the job, and they usually break something else while they are here, which gets added to the list on top of everything else. They really need to spend a few weeks here fixing things that are falling apart and then things would be good here for quite a while.

With that being said most houses 1/4 this size cost more to rent so getting someplace smaller doesn't make sense if it costs more. On another note we haven't had any income since June of 2015 so we can only make things better in our own home by repurposing things. Thankfully both my husband and myself are pretty crafty so we do what we can with what we already have.

If you remember the floor was pretty bad before with things that just needed to be sorted, gone through, and thrown out. The bowl on the heater is rat poison made from equal parts flour, sugar, and baking soda. Rats can not pass gas so this kills them. My landlord did put the real poison down in the basement but because we have animals this was put where they would be so that they wouldn't be harmed. Our cats kill the rats but they won't eat them, so they are safe either way. Our Saint Bernard wouldn't touch this mixture unless it was dipped in chocolate so she is safe too, and my girls all know not to touch it. So far the cats and the safe poison has taken out 5 full size rats and two babies in the house where we could dispose of them. We are still waiting to see what happens with the rest.

These were some totes that the girls had filled up with junk, old shoes, etc. The shoes are now in two totes in our dining room waiting to go through but as you can see the room is cleaned out. Below is the inside of my daughters walk in closet. you can see where the wall is falling apart because of a leak in the ceiling for the last two years, but it is cleaned out. By the way you should have seen this house before we moved it in. It was super rough. 

There are two rods in the back side and then one large one that is not pictured. This closet now houses the coats that I went through when we worked on the clothes from the downstairs bathroom/laundry room, which will be gone through again to week out anything that doesn't' fit the girls so they can be passed on to those in need.

This is bedroom one done. We are repurposing a rolling doll house which we have been working on. We actually have two one downstairs and one upstairs will try to take picture of what it looks like so far at some point, and then a rack with bins that my mother in law gave us before they moved which we plan to repurpose. I can't wait until it is done so I can show it off to you all. Unless one of my girls move back home this room will stay like this until we move, but it is ready to be transformed back into a room at a moments notice.

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