Sunday, March 13, 2016

Amber Tick and Flea Collar

First things first our Saint Bernard is accustomed to jewelry not collars, they are really the same thing, she just likes jewlery better. Matter of fact she is due for shots in the next few months and will get another charm to add to her necklace.

She was super excited to let us put this one her. Like I said Princess Goliath loves her jewelry. What I like most about this collar is that it helps keep ticks and fleas away from the scent and static is caused in the fur.

This is awesome and with Princess getting older I try to keep as many chemicals away from her as possible.

As a family we are trying less toxic products and even our pets are on the wagon. These collars or jewelry come in sizes.8"-10"  10"-12"  12"-14"  14"-16"  16"-18"18"-19.5" 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" so these can be used for both cats or dogs.

Amber tick and flea collar can be found on Amazon.

What Baltic Amber has to say about their product.

AMBER CROWN is proud to present the highest quality handmade certified raw Baltic Amber product :
Amber Tick and Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats

This product is a chemical-free tool to protect your pet from ticks and fleas. It has helped thousands of pet owners to draw back from chemicals and keep their pets safe from ugly and sometimes deadly parasites.

It works in two ways:
• When worn on pet the friction from the fur releases aromatic terpenes from amber that repels ticks and fleas.
• Static electricity generated when amber is rubbed against the pet's fur makes parasites uncomfortable and unable to cling to hairs.

- It is waterproof, odor free, safe for humans and animals, no secondary effects on your pet, family or house. 
- 100% chemical free, non-toxic, no insecticides.
- Can be used for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, even if they are allergic, pregnant or nursing. 

No need to worry about the size: we offer eight different sizes to fit all pets. 

You can find out more about Baltic Amber on:

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