Friday, December 4, 2015

Volmate Vol-200 Battery Tester

What an easy way to test your batteries to get them ready for the Holiday Season. With new gifts and toys comes lots of batteries. Easy to use and tests 6 different types of batteries. This is so easy to use I can even handle it.

We were able to take this tester and go through our whole box of batteries to find all of the duds that the kids had thrown back into the box with the good batteries. Now we are ready for what ever comes into our home and if we are ever in doubt it only takes a few seconds to test to see if they are still good.

You can find the Volmate Vol-200 Battery Tester on Amazon.

What Volmate has to say about their product.
Perfect for Home Use
Battery failure is one of the most common causes for sensor or instrument failure. The VOL-200 Battery Tester indicates the amount of charge remaining in standard and rechargeable batteries. The analog display needle moves on a color-coded, calibrated scale to quickly identify "good" (green), "low" (yellow), and "replace/recharge" (red) battery status. The VOL-200 tests 9V, AA, AAA, C, D and 1.5V Button Type batteries. Tester does not require any internal batteries to operate.
Operating the VOL-200
Battery voltage decreases as the battery is discharged. Slightly used batteries may show close to full voltage. This means as long as the battery is not in the yellow or red field (indication of low voltage); the battery does not need to be replaced.

High Current/High Load Situations
For testing batteries used in high current/high load situations such as digital cameras, the battery may need to be replaced when tester indicates battery charge is in the low end of the "good" range (near yellow field). These batteries can still be used in low load applications such as in remote controls.

Testing Different Battery Types
Rechargeable Batteries are typically 1.2V when fully charged versus 1.5V for normal alkaline batteries, but they have a higher battery capacity (mAh). Because the BAT-200 tests for voltage, these batteries are still usable when the tester indicates green or yellow fields. When testing batteries, ensure the negative terminal is on top (battery upside down). For button batteries (1.5V only), the negative terminal is on top (look on printing on top of battery to verify terminals and 1.5V voltage).

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