Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Goals for 2016, I never really sat down and did goals for 2015 other than personal goals and I pretty much did them all except for losing weight and even though I read the Bible more I didn't read it nearly as much as I should.

2015 has been one hell of year for us. Even though things were rough we did have good things happen to us such as my husband graduating from college, my third child graduating from college. My mother in law pulling through her operation and finally moving away from their bothersome neighbors.

We have kept a roof over our heads and our children haven't gone to bed hungry. We have each other and our children know we love them unconditionally. They also know we are always here for them and they always have a place in our home.

My blog has more than doubled, no big money but it is still a work in progress, the money has always been a secondary to me just blogging about our family and reviews, so if it comes it would be wonderful, if not then that is fine too.

We were given bad news the other day but hope that 2016 will have something good in store for our family other than the stress we have had for the last 6 months. We always try to see the bright side and for me that has been hard for the first time in my life these last 6 months and even more so with the news we were recently given.

I am the optimistic to my husband pessimistic which evens our marriage our quite well. Now I need him to be the optimistic one until I regain my own optimism.

So I guess what I am looking for in the next year is for us to be able to get back on our feet and that my husband's disability claim goes through so we can pay our bills. I will continue to pray for our children, friends, family, and the world.

Our family wishes peace, love, and good tidings to everyone for 2016. 

Happy New Year!

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