Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is not like Iced Coffee because it is not made from a hot liquid but rather by cold water that is steeped with coffee for 12 hours and then enjoyed cold.

We found that for a 20oz bottle like this one from Cornucopia Brands that 1/3 cup of coarsely ground coffee works best. For this bottle you unscrew the bottom of the bottle, take the screen off and fill with coffee, then attach screen and screw back on. Then you are going to fill the bottle from the top opening with cold water.

Let sit at room temperature for 12 hours or overnight for best results. In the morning add whatever you would like for flavoring and you are ready to enjoy Cold Brew Coffee. Even though this does take longer you have a drink that is not diluted by ice cubes, and has a low acidity count. I think you will really enjoy this beverage.

This is the first and only item I have seen that makes a single serving of cold brew coffee, most recipes and products I have seen make enough to be a concentrate, kept in the fridge and then the concentrate is mixed with plain cold water for drinks to enjoy for several days or weeks depending on how often you enjoy coffee.

This also comes with a nice cozy to keep the glass a little safer from breaking which is a real nice extra if you ask me.

You can find the 20oz Cold Brew Coffee Maker on Amazon.

What Cornucopia Brands has to say about their product
Cold Brew Coffee Maker Bottle, Borosilicate Glass Coffee Infuser with Neoprene Sleeve-(20oz)

The easiest way to enjoy amazing cold brew coffee every morning. Effective, beautiful, easy to clean, and amazingly ideal for its intended purpose.

This heavy duty borosilicate glass 20oz cold brew coffee maker with neoprene sleeve, features an infuser in the bottom portion of the bottle, that is filled with ground coffee, or loose tea, to craft the perfect 20 ounces of your favorite beverage.

-Unscrew bottom portion of bottle

-Remove Infuser

-Fill with your preferred coffee or tea, and screw back on. Then you're done!

-You can then allow the coffee or tea to remain for your preferred time, and enjoy!

This cold brew coffee maker could quite possibly be the easiest, and most effective method of making cold brew coffee. You can simply fill it, let it set over night, and have cold brew every morning, with little to no effort.

You can find out more about Cornucopia Brands on:

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