Sunday, September 6, 2015


Modern pharmacy and You! Drugstore

During the 20th, and especially 21st century, technological development has constantly created a new environment for companies. It becomes increasingly difficult to cope with all the changes. However, some industries are able to profit based on this and create extra value for their business. One of the best examples is pharmaceutical industry.
This is perhaps the best example of an industry that is based on research. Unlike other, static business, there is no end to development of pharmacology. As soon as we find a cure to some disease, microbe will mutate and create a new problem. But, even though most companies make constant progress, there are certain situations when they provide us with a medicine that doesn’t live up to its hype. Because of this, we had a lot of semi-finished products in last few decades. Not only that, most of them can cause severe side effects and deter people from using similar medicines in future. This is one of the reasons why pharmaceutical firms got bad reputation even with their increasing profits.
Because of this, many companies decided to change their approach to creation of drugs. Nowadays, there are more and more products which are based on natural, organic substances. In most cases, they are extracted from animals, bacteria and plants. Given that the global society is striving towards healthy, holistic life, this change was just the right thing, at the right time. Instead of using potentially volatile chemicals, industry is turning towards organic matters which are similar to those created by our own body. In most cases, animals have some very similar traits to our own. By harvesting their cells, we are able to create products that can cure even the most severe medical issues.
Another big trend in pharmacology is use of supplements. Modern men and women are constantly in a rush. Long work hours often influence our diet. We are constantly immobile, stuck to the same chair. Most of us have limited time which we can invest into our health. As a good solution, companies started making vitamin and mineral supplements that are meant to restore all the natural matter that are lost during a long, hard day at work. Unfortunately, it turns that some of the products have only a limited, if any value to potential customer. There is a big debate about the medicines which are good for us and those that do nothing. Hopefully, in future, there will be some governmental solution that will allow us to differentiate between the two groups.

You! Drugstore team points out the importance of online shopping. As of late, companies are slowly starting to modify their business and turn to online sales. This makes it easier for both patients and medical professionals. Until recently, shopping was a big issue for many customers. Given that they are either sick or old (or both) even the smallest effort could present a problem. With the introduction of companies such as You Drugstore, we finally have a way of supplying drugs to all those that need them.
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