Thursday, September 3, 2015

Need a little extra help touching your toes?

Even at my size I have always been able to touch my toes except for when I was  pregnant. I recently found out that most of my children could not touch their toes. Crazy right. I thought the school had them stretching and exercising. It does show you that you can not assume the school is doing their job keeping your children healthy when they are away from home.

I know that touching your toes does not mean you are healthy but it does mean you have flexibility. All of my children could touch their toes before they went to school. So to remedy the situation I have had them working on stretching touching their toes and even having them do some yoga which they enjoy.

With having Fibromyalgia I can't quite stretch and bend like I used to from the mere fat that has built up on my body, but I can still touch my toes, and almost do a split (the fat on my thighs would probably bust open if I pushed my body all the way to the limit) which is quite amazing in itself.

Childbirth is easier with the more flexibility you have. Stretching is so very important to both health and mind. I usually stretch after I am done meditating which feels great.

I really like how this strap can be made to help people like me stretch just a bit further as well as helping get into yoga moves you just want to get a little closer to the correct pose. Do take caution and never over stretch. Stretch a little more each day if you are not already stretching everyday so that you do not have muscle strain or hurt your body in any way.

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What DanceCrazy has to say about their product.
The DanceCrazy Ultra Stretch Strap!
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Brand New from DanceCrazy, an aid in stretching muscles before or after a workout. Great product for people who have always found stretching unassisted to be difficult. Allows you to finally get a good stretch on your own!

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