Sunday, July 5, 2015

Yoga Towel

Growing up I did yoga without a mat or any of the other fancy stuff but I have to say I really love the Yoga towels. They are soft, give you more cushion when doing poses, and really soak up the sweat while you are moving around.

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand when I do my poses. It is time for just me, unless one of my children join along, I never discourage them from joining in because I want them to find balance in their lives as well.

Even though this has the word Yoga in it, don't be fooled this is great for almost any exercise where you will sweat and need a little extra traction. I love the soft feel. I even keep an extra in the car incase we are caught in the rain without our umbrellas.

You can purchase Joyful Zens Yoga Towel on Amazon.

What Joyful Zen has to say about their product.

Why do you need a special yoga towel?

Whether you’re doing regular yoga or Bikram (hot) yoga, a regular towel while absorbent, is not designed to grip your mat as it absorbs moisture. The thoughtful features we’ve built into our eco-friendly, JoyfulZen Yoga Towel give you exactly what you need to maximize your workout experience.
       Super absorbent. When it comes to soaking up moisture and perspiration, there’s no match for the JoyfulZen      Yoga Towel.  
  • Fast drying and Lightweight. Easy to maintin and dries quickly to support your workout from start to finish.
    Large size. Generous, 72” x 26.5” size will cover your standard or oversized yoga mat allowing you to use every inch of your mat’s surface.
    Slip-resistant. Designed to provide you with extra grip when damp. Get the traction you need to hold your poses like a pro!
    Hygienic. Excellent for using over your personal yoga mat or one provided by your yoga studio or gym. Extends the life of your mat and gives you a clean surface to work out on.

The buttery-suede 100% microfiber material provides the ultimate surface to help keep your hands, feet and body firmly positioned on your mat. In a pinch, your JoyfulZen Towel can even stand in for your regular yoga mat and is versatile enough to use with virtually any type of exercise. From Pilates to dance class, from Zumba to strength training this towel is made to work as hard as you do!


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