Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil

After using Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil I am saying good buy to Baby Oil. I love the smell of Baby Oil but love how the Coconut oil feels on my skin. Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil does no leave a greasy feeling it just leaves you feeling smooth and soft.

I use this on its own or mixed with my lotion when I put it on. This is my new luxury go to for my skin. It is also great for massages but because of my kidneys massages are far and in between and not suggested for me at all, but I can use this to give others massages like my husband and my children.

The Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil & Massage Oil is also great for use for a moisturizer for your hair. I love multipurpose products.

You can purchase on Amazon.

What go PURE Naturals has to say about their product. 

The fractionated coconut carrier and massage oil by GoPure creates a barrier on your skin, but does not clog your pores. Provides a light-weight and non-greasy finish. It is composed of 100 percent natural Carrier Oil or pure base.

-The shelf life, with proper storage conditions is indefinite. The product needs to be stored in a cool location, out of the direct sunlight.

-Ideal product for massage therapy due to the ability for the oil to remain in liquid form provided by the fractionating process.

The Fractionated Coconut Oil offered by GoPure is considered an all-natural type of carrier oil that is able to easily absorb into your skin, which makes it a go-to option for all types of topical therapies. It offers a feather-light emollient, providing a soothing barrier, without the risk of clogging your pores, and is ideal for dry or otherwise troubled skin. It provides the skin with a non-greasy, silky smooth feel, unlike the other vegetable carrier oils currently available. It is completely soluble with all types of essential oils and is odorless and colorless, which means it will not stain any fabric it comes in contact with. It also has a prolonged shelf life, which means it will not go rancid and is designed for topical use only.

You can find out more about go PURE Naturals on:

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