Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Phantom Fit Reflective Vest

My daughters like to run, play, etc outside, sometimes in the summer they are a bit late getting home and I want to make sure they are safe. With the Phantom Fit Reflective Vest I can make sure that cars are going to see them which should keep my little ones from getting hit. Mind you I still call my 6 foot 2, and our 2 daughter who are both taller then my husband and myself munchkins. 

They are far from being munchkins but a mother making sure her babies are safe never ends. With that being said when I had my 12 year old try this one the first thing she said is that slow people where these. I had to stop her and remind her of all of the people around us who wear these are something close to these. Firemen, Policemen, Road workers, etc, and she started to get it that very important people wear these to stay safe while they are on the roads. 

I explained to her she is important and if she wants to run close to dark with her older sister I want to make sure she as safe as can be. Spring is coming and my children are more then ready to be able to play outside again after a long winter cooped up inside. 

The Phantom Fit Reflective Vest is a vest that can be adjusted up and down to fit either my 7 year old or my 12 year old and will probably fit my 20 year old as well. It does have a little give, kind of like big suspenders and clicks almost like a baby car seat, very durable looking. 

You can purchase Phantom Fit Reflective Vest on Amazon.

What phantom it has to say about their product. 
You know you want to stay safe in the dark! Don't take chances of getting hit by a car... Just put on your Phantom Fit Reflective Vest and be seen by motorists from over 1,000 feet away.

Multiple sizes will be available soon. Right now the size available is Waist 27"-36" (Inches) - Shoulder to Waist 15"-23" (Inches).

You can find out more about Phantom fit on:

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