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We Choose Virtues Poster Review + Giveaway

MarksvilleandMe reviews We Choose Virtues Poster

Even though these virtues are a bit different then you would find in the Bible they are still very good at teaching your children to be good and to help them grow up into loving adults. They follow very closely to what the Bible says as well as with the way I would like my children to be everyday. 

With having 6 children you would think we would have it all figured out, well that depends on what aspect you are referring to. Every child is different and learns at a different pace. With being sick the last few years and finally getting a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, but not until after I lost a bit of control with my children, we are finally trying to get back on track. 

What happened to our family didn't happen overnight, so it won't be fixed overnight. Not sure if it is Christmas or if some of what we have been working on is working but my two youngest girls have been working on cleaning their rooms, I mean really cleaning their rooms. 

There rooms look like a hurricane picked up everything and then just dropped it all over. Their rooms have been so bad that they either sleep on the floors in their rooms, or sleep on our living room couch, or on occasion on the floor in our Bedroom. 

Even though I am now on a regular medication routine, I still have pain on most days, limiting what I can do. On top of that I have a weak immune system so I catch pretty much everything that blows our way. Currently I am battling pneumonia. Anyways it is hard enough for me to keep up with the dishes and laundry without worrying about their rooms as well. 

My husband and myself have always believed that children should learn how to take care of themselves. Cooking, washing their laundry, cleaning their rooms, dressing themselves, as well as being kind to others, and being a good productive member of Society. 

The We Choose Virtues Poster is a reminder to the children what they need to do to be kind and productive without always hearing me nag to them about what they need to do. I can just say check the Virtues Poster and see if you are choosing correctly. This I hope will help our  family cut down on yelling which is one of the biggest problems my children have. 

What We Choose Virtues has to say

This colorful poster is a complete list of all 12 of our Virtues, their Catchphrases and Antonyms. The Kids of VirtueVille are pictured next to each Virtue for easy reference. The Kids Virtue Poster presents a language of Virtue that is both clear and positive.  If you are looking for a precise and consistent standard for both attitudes and actions that everyone can understand, this is a great place to start. It will help you create a brand new culture in your home or classroom that will eliminate confusion and build hope. 

The 12 Virtues are: I am Diligent, I am Obedient, I am Kind, I am Helpful, I am Forgiving, I am Honest, I am Perseverant, I amSelf-controlled, I am Content, I am Patient, I am Gentle and I am Attentive! 

One lucky MarksvilleandMe reader will win a We Choose Virtues Poster. Starts 12/7 Ends 12/16/2014. MarksvilleandMe wishes everyone who enters Good Luck!

If you can't wait to see if you have one you can purchase the We Choose Virtues Poster here.

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