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Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set Review

MarksvilleandMe reviews Alpha Grillers Garlic Press
 and Peeler Set

My first impression was wow, I mean look at how it comes packaged? Alpha Grillers is right about it being ready to gift. Beautiful packaging and once my press and peeler are clean they go right back into this box, at least until it falls apart from use. 

We use garlic several times a week, and even though I have a garlic press I already love this one compares very closely with the one I already love and there is always room for a spare in my home. Now the peeler which I have never had. I usually put a few in a closed container and shake, shake, shake until all of the skins are separated from the garlic clove. Of course I am left with a stinky container to clean, but now I don't have to worry about that, I have my trusty garlic peeler. 

You can forego the peeler if you want to this Garlic Press can do all of the work for you but if you have lots of garlic to mince then I suggest peeling first and then mincing that way you don't have to stop to clean the trap out. Easy way to enjoy your garlic without it taking so long. 

You can purchase the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler set on

What Alph Grillers had to say about their garlic press and peeler
1. Premium solid stainless steel garlic press
2. Mince unpeeled cloves with ease (peel stays in - minced garlic comes out!)
3. Ergonimically designed for easy squeezing
4. Works great for pressing ginger too
5. Premium silicone garlic peeler (insert clove -> roll tube back and forth -> tip out perfectly peeled clove)
6. Dishwasher safe
7. Beautifully presented in luxury gift box
8. BONUS EBOOK: "50 Delicious Recipes Using Crushed and Sliced Garlic"

The Secret to Quick and Easy Minced Garlic Every Time!

Currently peeling and mincing by hand? Any of this sound familiar?
- Smelly hands..
- Unevenly sized garlic mince..
- Bits of peel stuck to everything..

Perhaps you already bought a garlic press, but it had one of these common issues:
1) Garlic leaked out the chamber..
2) Really difficult to press..
3) The hinge snapped..
4) Aluminium corroded and pitted..

All these issues can be avoided!

Introducing the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press and Peeler Set

The Best Peeler on The Market:
- Simple to use: insert clove -> roll back and forth -> tip out perfectly peeled clove
- Extensively tested to identify the best texture and thickness of silicone for optimal peeling
- Highly durable and dishwasher safe

The Best Press on The Market:
- Solid stainless steel garlic press will last year after year without any corrosion
- Ergonomically design so very little effort is required to squeeze
- Easily minces both peeled and unpeeled cloves and even works great with ginger!
- Easy to clean and totally dishwasher safe

Wait a sec.. If I can press unpeeled cloves why do I need a peeler??
Excellent question! The press works great on unpeeled cloves; however, it does required quite
a bit more force to squeeze them though. Also, to get maximum yield you will always need to
use peeled cloves. If you are looking to slice your garlic you will need to peel it first too!

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You can find out more about Alpha Grillers on:

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