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Kobert Waterproof Case Review

MarksvilleandMe reviews the Kobert Waterproof Case 

When I think of waterproof protection I go back to the first time my second daughter had her very first iPod Touch. She went swimming for the first time that year jumping right into the water, forgetting she had her iPod in the pocket of her shorts. She came home with it dripping wet. Thankfully we had coverage for it, but if we had not we would have been out hundreds of dollars. 

For those of you who either don't have coverage, or want a little extra protection then the Kobert Waterproof Case might be what you are looking for. Right now you can get it on Amazon for 11.99, if you have prime the shipping is free. *prices are subject to change. 

As you can see the Kobert Waterproof Case works with many models, and is easy to use. This is great for protecting your device from water, sweat, snow, condensation. Think now you can take pictures under water without spending lots of money on a waterproof camera. It does not say that it holds the iPods, but I can assure you they too fit and work well with the Kobert Waterproof Case. 

What MarksvilleandMe loves about the Kobert Waterproof case is that it comes with a stylus to use while your device is in it's case as well as the extra piece of mind that our devices are safe while we are enjoying life.

I hope they make one for the mini so I don't have to worry about sand or water at the beach while I am reading my digital magazines, looking up recipes, or even reading a novel. 

What Kobert has to say about their Waterproof Case 

Get a Kobert Waterproof Case for your mobile phone
Use our Kobert Waterproof Case to keep your phone dry while you swim, ski, hike, surf, canoe, snowboard, jetski, fish, snorkel etc. This provides you freedom to take your mobile phone with you wherever you are. You can use your mobile phone while in the waterproof case and use both front and back cameras on your phone because the waterproof case has a see-through window on both sides.

-Premium quality waterproof case to keep your phone, mp3 player, device dry
-Crystal clear see-through plastic on both sides for amazing pictures & movies under the water!
-Easy access to your touch screen phone while in the case!
-Universal bag that can be used for any device.
-Easy to use with a secure snap and lock mechanism
-Convenient and stylish.

-Inner bag size: 3.34" x 6.49" (8.5cm x 16.5cm)
-Will fit an iPhone 6, 6 Plus(Without Case),5,5s,5c,4,4s,3,Samsung Galaxy s3,s4,s5,Note 2,Note 3,Note 4,Nokia Lumia,Windows Phone 8x,Nexus 4,HTC One/One X/X+ & many more!
-IPX8 CERTIFIED to 100 Feet (30 m)
-Made from PVC & ABS
-Secure snap and lock/unlock mechanism
-Neck strap included for easy carrying
-Instruction card
-BONUS stylus pen will be included to use your mobile's touch-screen in the waterproof case

1. This waterproof case will fit: iPhone 6, 6 Plus (Without Case),5,5s,5c,4,4s,3,Samsung Galaxy s3,s4,s5,Note 2,Note 3,Note 4,Nokia Lumia,Windows Phone 8x,Nexus 4,HTC One/One X/X+. Please make sure your mobile phone will fit in the waterproof case before ordering.
2. You will have to remove your casing off your phone if you have the iPhone 6 Plus as it will not fit in the waterproof case with its casing on. Other larger phones will also not fit in the waterproof case with big casings on it. You might need to remove its casing before inserting it into the waterproof case. Please refer to the Question and Answer section in the Amazon product listing if you have questions.
3. Before placing your phone into the waterproof case, please insert a tissue paper into it, close it up and submerge in water for 5 minutes. If there is any sign of leakage, please contact us for a replacement.
4. Please read the instructions and comments that appear on the card inside the waterproof case.
5. Inner bag size: 3.34" x 6.49" (8.5cm x 16.5cm). There is a smartphone size chart photo on the Amazon product listing to show you how big some phones are.
6. Please do not submerge the bag in hot water as condensation can appear on the inside of the bag. Using a very hot phone could cause the same result.
7. The easiest way to open the waterproof case is to hold the bag with 2 hands with the front of it facing you. Use 1 finger of each hand and push the opening clips at the back towards the center. It might be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it, it is easy.

You can purchase the Kobert Waterproof Case on Amazon.

You can find out more about Kobert on:

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