Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How will you be ringing in the New Year?

Our family is going to be Partying with King Julien. If you haven't already found All Hail King Julien which started on December 19th, then check it out they have five episodes on Netflix streaming which you can find here

If you need something to keep your little ones busy and awake until Party Time why not watch some more shows starring King Julien's friends. I know I haven't watched any of these shows except for the first movie so I am going to be in for a treat while enjoying time with my girls.


If you would like to count down to New Years Eve with King Julie with your little ones you can do it anytime. 34% of parents say they trick their kids and have the party early. We let our kids stay up but not everyone does this so you have the choice of when you would like to count down. Just click the link below and let the Party Begin.

Make sure you check back for pictures of our party on the 1st. or catch them on my facebook fanpage as they happen on New Years Eve. 

Here is to a great start to 2015! Happy New Years from MarksvilleandMe and Netflix. 

Disclosure: MarksvilleandMe is a part of Netflix Stream Team receiving free streaming service and other gifts through out the year in exchange for us blogging about Netflix and Netflix streaming services.

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