Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ecosak Nut Milk Bag Review

Product Description

Ecosaks are Premium Custom-Made Mesh Bags that are specifically designed for making the Richest and Creamest Nut Milks. Guaranteed. 

Traditional Cheese Cloths Fall Apart and Cost Too Much To Replace. Today, there's a New Bag.

No Ordinary Nut Milk Bag
One look and feel of an Ecosak and you know it’s no ordinary nut milk bag. It feels super soft on the hands but just one pull or tug anywhere on this bag and you know it is tough enough to withstand the most extreme stresses.  Now, making large batches of nut milk is quick, easy and fun.

Rest Assured
Ecosaks are custom made mesh bags that are specifically designed for making nut milk bags knowing they will be used in food preparations like soaking, straining, juicing and sprouting among many other uses.  

FDA Certified Food-Grade Mesh 
that is BPA Free and Non-Porous and will not harbor odors or bacteria like other materials making it the safer and greener choice in that it does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning or need to be continually replaced.

MarksvilleandMe reviews Ecosak Nut Milk Bag

Before trying out the Ecosak Nut Milk Bag, I had never heard of a nut bag before, but I had heard of cheese cloth, and the Ecosak Nut Milk Bag said it was easier to use then cheese cloth, and could be reused over and over again. Sounds both Economical, and Eco conscious to me. 

All the rage today about Greek yogurt if only people knew how easy it is to make yogurt or Greek yogurt they would make their own too. I had heard of almond milk before, but had no idea you can pretty much make it from any kind of nut. This intrigued me so I am going to be doing another blog about our families first time making nut milk. 

OK back to this Ecosak Nut Milk Bag, it was much bigger then I thought it would be about the size of 8 by 11 piece of paper but round in shape rather then rectangular. The Ecosak feels satiny, rather then stiff like I thought it would be and has a draw string top. 

Right now for a limited time you also get a free Ebook filled with recipes and ideas to use your Ecosak Nut Milk Bag on. I found a few recipes I want to use because once you are done making your nut milk you save the pulp and can mix it into other recipes such as cookies. No waste, very economical. Now I know why they call it the Ecosak Nut Milk Bag. 

You can buy yours at Amazon.

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