Friday, January 17, 2014

We spent months...

We spent months making sure we had caught up with things so that our bank account wouldn't go negative and that we were on a budget, then we received a letter this week from unemployment. Some of you might remember that his unemployment had been held back for almost a month then they deposited it all at one time into our bank account, well the new letter says my husband wasn't able to work during that time so we owe them back all of the money, and now that he is eligible they are going to with hold his unemployment again until the over payed amount is payed back.

First of all he was eligible the first time we just have to appeal and send in the paperwork stating he was under 100% for the first date that he began applying for it, which he just got done typing up and is ready to send out.

Second of all things were going quite smoothly until his checks from his insurance company went missing along with the unemployment being stopped. Needless to say we are not on budget at all, there is just no way to pay for everything we have with what is coming in right now. We are scrapping by to say the least with being a bit behind on our rent, which is something we did not want to happen, but has. We will get through it, just have to wait for them to review the case and then put all of that money back into our account.

Sometimes it just does not matter how much you plan because it just does not work out. We spent months planning with nothing to show for it, not because of something we did but because of something out of our hands. So here we go on faith alone to get us through this next big hurdle.

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