Friday, January 17, 2014

Can I just get my...

Can I just get my medicine? I have Fibromyalgia and everything was going well with getting my medication through my husband's insurance when he was working and even on workman's comp, until that is he was laid off while still being on workman's comp. Then we had to apply for medicaid which took over 5 months to go through. During that time I was left with no medication because we couldn't afford it.

When the insurance finally went through we were on Medicaid for one month, I was able to get my medication, and then it switched over to and HMO. I ordered my medication they said I had to have a pre-authorization which I got but the insurance still denied to pay for my medication. They suggested another medication that is not approved for Fibromyalgia and that is quite dangerous to use.

I just had an appointment with my Dr. and he agrees he does not want me on anything else either, and doesn't understand why I was denied. For Fibromyalgia it should have been approved. He was also telling me under the new medical plan he has elderly people with diabetes taking needles and insulin  again because the new insurance will not pay for the insulin pens that make things easy for everyone especially those with shaky hands. It is crazy that people even voted this in.

So I have applied for Disability why? Because if I get it my medication will be paid for. Crazy right? I guess that is how they want it through so can I just get my medicine now?

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