Saturday, January 4, 2014

"The Blog Dare"

One of my goals it to make my blog better so I have taken on a few challenges and hope to add a few more things over the year to really make my blog my own, not that it isn't already, but I want it to be something people want to come back to, reading it because, well they feel like they are apart of our family.

I am a part of "The Blog Dare", which is a dare to blog everyday for year by using prompts they give us, which can be twisted and turned into all sorts of interesting tid bits of pure blogging joy, OK maybe not all job, I am sure some might make you think, cry, or even angry, either way they are all to get bloggers tobe able to write about almost anything even if it is out of the area of our blogging niche.

I have up to day three done and if you would like you could scan through what I have written and give them a read as well as entering some great giveaways I have posted. Good luck if you enter and here is to meeting my Dare Challenge each day this year.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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