Friday, January 3, 2014

Just don't do it!

I know most of you know of a brand that has used the logo "Just do it" for a very long time and might still, but there are times when you "Just don't do it". For instance doing drugs. Just don't do it, if a Dr. has not prescribed it you shouldn't be doing it, if they do, question it anyways and try to get away with not taking any for as long as you can, or at least look into alternatives. 

I know in the Bible it says something about wine, but frankly I have tasted quite a few and haven't got past the first or second sip. Yuck. Grape juice or Sparkling Cider for me please. I really don't know how people can stomach it. I can take the strawberry daiquiri and Pina colada with or without the alcohol it really doesn't matter, and yes when I was underage I did drink several times until I had a hangover and I told myself I would never have one again, which I have held true to. I can still count on my hands how many full drinks I have had while married to my husband and we have  been together for  23 & 24 years.

Just don't do it when your friends want you to try smoking. It isn't worth cancer, bad breath, stained teeth, stinky clothes, and nicotine fingers, not to mention ash trays. Yucky. When you see someone else making a mistake don't repeat it yourself, and if you are warned, take the warning to heart it just might save you heartache in the end.

I know we all want to be independent but when someone else has been through it before and they warn you of the problems...Just don't do it. There are so many more things we can learn lessons from on our own that no one around has had to endure and then we ourselves can tell others...Just don't do it.

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  1. I started smoking when I was 13 years old to be "cool". I always tell people now to not do it...don't start. To the younger ones who have already started I am telling them to quit now...don't wait 30 some years like me!