Friday, January 10, 2014

Redbox Review

I am a BzzAgent and recently I was given a free month of redbox instant by verizon to try out. My job is to let you know in my opinion what our family thought of the service.

First of all the price 

For only $8 a month, you get 4 DVD credits at the kiosk every month + movies you can stream instantly. Rent new releases from nearby kiosks or stream movies on the go from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Now what our family thought.

First of all make sure you are on redbox instant and not just redbox we made this mistake a few times during our free month, which caused more problems then it was worth.

The first time we used it I got really excited because they had a whole slew of movies to watch that were new to me, then reality set in and I found out they were mostly at the Kiosk or for on demand which cost $ 3.00 a pop.

I actually found a few movies on redbox that I could not watch on my other online service so that was really nice. It seems what one does not have the other does, but for the most part they have all of the same movies.

We found it comparable to other online rental sites, one of which I have been with from almost day one and have kept my subscription too except for a few times when there had to be that extra cut in finances.

The rental from Kiosk was a total waste for me, didn't use my codes at all.

For me the nearest Kiosk is about 20 miles away too far to just run out to get a movie and have it back the next day with the price of gas these days so for those living in a rural area this might not be the best option for you. 80 miles for me for two round trips for a movie is just not cost effective.

On the other hand if you live next door to one then this would could be a great option, just not for us.

I found that it was harder to find a movie I liked because of the way you had to search for them. Sorry I keep comparing it but once you have been with one company for such a long time, you are either just as good or better, or you just don't get accepted and I think this is just what happened in our family.

I hope that if you are looking for a site to rent from online you will give them a try, it might have worked out better for our family if we had not been with the company we have had for so long. If I get the chance to have another free trial I will give it another whirl and see if goes over better, but until then I am not sure how long but if you go to sign up, you can also get a free month trial. 

Do you rent from online? If so which company and how do you like them? More then one? Which do you like best?

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