Friday, January 10, 2014

I never received an answer.

Have you ever asked someone something and they say you know...but you really had no clue so you asked again? I have and I never received an answer. Actually this even goes as far as my husband he asked the same question and it was met the same way.

Sadly it has caused a split in the family going on for a few years now, but there is nothing more we can do because we asked, but didn't receive an answer. We have come to the realization that there never was anything wrong, or there would have been an answer, that in itself shows just how sick someone can become when they are so bent on hurting others that they have to make something up and then when asked can't answer because they know in the end if they use what they made up which wasn't true to begin with, they can't answer because they don't have a real answer to give.

I learned long ago it is better to be honest and open, something my parents taught me from day one, and something I have tried to hand down to my children. There isn't anything that can not be worked through, unless you don't want to work through it. So here I am... waiting...but alas I never received an answer...and probably never will.

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