Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Southwest Pasta Skillet Marksville Style

I recently hit upon a great deal with the new Philly Cooking Crèmes and they have been sitting in our fridge untouched, unused, and aging. Earlier today between posts and cleaning Samantha and I cleaned out the refrigerator. We emptied the whole thing, something I usually do every week but it hasn't had a cleaning in a while. April was a busy month. Believe it or not it wasn't that bad but after we put everything back in it looks really organized, just like I want it. Well there were a few things getting ready to expire, so we placed them on the top shelf. The kids had jello chocolate pudding for snack, and we have mozzarella cheese that needs to be used up in the next few days. We decided to give the Philadelphia Santa Fe Blend Cooking Crème a whirl since it was about to expire. We took out some frozen chicken, Samantha chopped up what we needed for tonight and we have some soaking for tomorrow night. Of course the original recipe only served 4, we have 6 eating or 7 if you count Lilly who hasn't been born yet so in red you will see the changes I made to the recipe to accommodate our family without increasing the meat portion part of it or the cooking crème and it came out wonderful. We are adding this to our dinner line up. I hope you take the time to try this out for yourself.

The Philly cooking Creme in Santa Fe Blend is no longer available but I have been able to make this recipe by using 8 oz of plain Cream Cheese and a 1/2 cup of your favorite Salsa as a substitute for the cooking creme. 

Southwest Pasta Skillet Pam Style


1 lb.
boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces
1/2 cup 1 cup of frozen diced green peppers chopped green peppers
1 can 1 28 oz can of whole tomatoes with sauce that we cut our selves we did not drain ours.
(14.5 oz.)no-salt-added diced tomatoes, drained
1 pkg.
(10 oz.) frozen corn
1 tub
[(10 oz.)PHILADELPHIA Santa Fe Blend Cooking Crème] no longer available see substitution above.
2 cups we used a whole pound of cooked pasta hot cooked rotini pasta
1 cup we used a whole 8oz of cheese KRAFT Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese, divided


Cook and stir chicken and peppers in large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat 6 to 7 min. or until chicken is done. Add tomatoes, corn and cooking crème; cook and stir 3 min.

Add pasta and 1/2 cup shredded cheese; cook and stir 1 to 2 min. or until cheese is melted.

Top with remaining shredded cheese. Remove from heat. Cover; let stand until cheese is melted.

You can find more recipes like this at All Philly Cooking Crème.

Knorr Smiley360 Mission

I am so glad that I was selected to try Knorr Homestyle stock for one of my Smiley360 missions. I wasn't sure what to expect as I am use to either making my own stock from scratch or using canned stock for my recipes. As the days went by and I still hadn't received my product to try I got a little worried, but just as I was about to write and find out if it had been sent out, it was delivered to my door. First of all I couldn't wait to open my package and see what was inside.
As you can see I got a 4 pack of the Knorr Chicken Homestyle Stock, a ladle, recipe card book, and three 2.00/1 Knorr Homestyle Stock coupons. I still have not priced the Knorr Homestyle Stock so I am not sure how much of a deal it would be if they were used. A few days had gone by since I have received my free samples and today seemed like a great day to try out a new recipe using the Knorr Chicken Homestyle Stock. There were a few recipes given in the booklet they sent, so I scanned them to see which one I had the ingredients for and settled on the Lemon Chicken Primavera recipe. The only substitution I made was for the asparagus. I didn't have fresh so I used frozen. Here you can see all of the ingredients needed to pull off the recipe.
I also used a McCormick whole black peppercorn grinder for the pepper but I am sure you could use what ever you have on hand, and since we don't have regular pepper this had to do. Once I had all of the ingredients set up, I just had to turn on the stove and get it all going. It was quick and easy to make, the only thing left was to let my family be the taste testers. We call our family Marksville and you can find us all over the net by that name as well. I had my daughter set the table, let everyone know that dinner was ready and it was time for the moment of truth. Was this recipe going to be a winner or just another ordinary dinner.
First off I have to say I have never been a fan of anything with Lemon Pepper and stay away from anything asking for it like the plague but I thought at least my husband should like it as he enjoys Lemon Pepper flavored foods. When it was served of course I had to snap the above shot, and then I sat down to give it a try, and I have to say I was really surprised by how good it was. It was a winner with everyone except my 9 year old who doesn't really like anything mixed together but she did eat some rice. Other then that Marksville approves of the recipe and my husband asked if it was made with the stuff  I got in the mail and I told him yes.

Now to talking about the product I received. My free sample of Knorr Chicken Homestyle Stock came in a 4 pack which you can find in most grocery stores at this point. The individual packages are neat because you can use as many as you need for a recipe and you don't have to worry about throwing any away. We had to double our recipe in order to feed our family so I used two of the 4 containers. I thought that the stock would be a liquid but to my surprise it was in a gel like form which was pretty neat. All I did was squeeze the container and out popped the stock no mess, no fuss as my mother would have said. I was also a bit worried that the product would be too salty but again to my surprise it was seasoned just right.

I have to say that I loved cooking with Knorr Homestyle Stock in a new way and was very satisfied with the recipe we chose to try. Thank you Knorr, and thank you Smiley360.

You can also find out more about Knorr Homestyle Stock at www.Facebook.com/knorr
If you are interested in Smiley360 you can check it out at http://smiley360.com/?refid=41350     
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Saline Ambassador

Hello everyone I happen to be a Saline Ambassador and get to try out and give out samples of Boogie Wipes, and Saline Soothers for free. Boogies wipes being marketed more towards children, and the Saline Soothers which are suppose to be more for the adults, but I can tell you us adults like the Boogie wipes just as much as the kids do.

This is my kit for the second quarter all sorted out and ready to go. The big Boogie wipe container is going to the bus driver so that the aide can use them for the kids on the bus. Should be helpful, and I am sure the kids will love them too. This quarter we are encouraged to tell our Dr.'s about them. I am sure our family Dr. will be interested in these as he likes anything that is good for the kids and makes life easier on the parents.

Most of my followers from some of my other blogs know I like to do things spur of the moment so I grabbed my 4 year old daughter Dorothy and did a little video totally unrehearsed, and you would have thought a thousand people were watching her with how little she talked, but I think she got the point out that she loves them, they are easy to open for kids, so you can pack them in their book bags, and since we have started using these she doesn't fight us when we say you need to wipe your nose. She hasn't had any sore noses, and she really loves the grape scent although they also make a unscented version too. She also does a little of the song she made up shortly after getting our first kit. You never know a thousand people just might see her video and therefore her deer in the headlights look might just be justified.

Philadelphia Indulgence Dark Chocolate

Ok I finally got to try a new treat that made it to our area and it was on sale so we had to pick it up and give it a whirl. Sadly the kids already ate all of the Milk Chocolate so I couldn't do a post on that one but I have to say that the Dark Chocolate was very yummy.

Very creamy and so full of chocolate taste.

We were able to pick up some gorgeous Strawberries to try it out with.

Here is a strawberry all ready to be gobbled up. Even though the price is a bit high if you wait till it goes on sale and combine with a coupon it makes a delicious treat.

Have you tried Philadelphia Indulgence yet?

Woolite Extra Dark Care

Woolite Extra Dark Care

I recently got to try a new product through Crowdtap for free. It is called Woolite Extra Dark Care I was given samples to try and to share with friends. I recieved 10 Woolite Extra Dark Care samples, one of which I used while the other 9 I was able to share with friends, family, and even a few strangers along the way.

Inside there was a sample, enough to do one whole load of wash, and a 1.00 off Woolite Detergent 50oz or larger with an expiration of 10/31/2012. Plenty of time to buy a full size bottle and begin to love your clothes longer.

They wanted some pictures of me with the product. So here I am.

When I first got this challenge the first thing I thought was that Woolite if for delicates only, but really if you think about it why not use it on your other clothes to keep them looking new as long as you can. This formula is used to keep your everyday dark clohtes looking like new for longer, but they also have another formula called Woolite complete that you can use for all of your clothes.

Why torture your Jeans?
Woolite. Long live your jeans.

The best thing about Woolite Extra Dark Care is that it is great for your favorite jeans, that vintage t-shirt you love to wear, even your wool sweaters, and any other clothes you love. I know I have clothes that I have had since before I had kids which is over 21 years ago and they are still here and well because I have taken great care of them, and with Woolite Extra Dark Care maybe I will be able to keep them another 21 years. Now that is real vintage.

Here I am using it on my wash.

My daughter wanted me to include a picture of her since she now knows how to do wash, and since she is a fashion girly girl, she needs all of the tips she can get.

The other great thing about being able to sample Woolite Extra Dark Care is I got to tell people that it isn't just for delicates anymore. Many were surprised as much as I was. I am glad I got to do this sampling while getting points at Crowdtap. I love to try new products and tell my friends about the awesome opportunities I get to be apart of.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you haven't already given Woolite Extra Dark Care or Woolite Complete a try on your favorite clothes, get out there pick up a bottle and help them live longer.

You can find Woolite on Facebook, or at their website. You can even sign up to be a Wooliteer at www.wooliteers.com.

If you have been able to try Woolite Extra Dark Care you might want to share your experience for a chance to win $500.00.

Visit www.samplingeffectiveness.com/neans for details. Ends 10/31/2012