Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saline Ambassador

Hello everyone I happen to be a Saline Ambassador and get to try out and give out samples of Boogie Wipes, and Saline Soothers for free. Boogies wipes being marketed more towards children, and the Saline Soothers which are suppose to be more for the adults, but I can tell you us adults like the Boogie wipes just as much as the kids do.

This is my kit for the second quarter all sorted out and ready to go. The big Boogie wipe container is going to the bus driver so that the aide can use them for the kids on the bus. Should be helpful, and I am sure the kids will love them too. This quarter we are encouraged to tell our Dr.'s about them. I am sure our family Dr. will be interested in these as he likes anything that is good for the kids and makes life easier on the parents.

Most of my followers from some of my other blogs know I like to do things spur of the moment so I grabbed my 4 year old daughter Dorothy and did a little video totally unrehearsed, and you would have thought a thousand people were watching her with how little she talked, but I think she got the point out that she loves them, they are easy to open for kids, so you can pack them in their book bags, and since we have started using these she doesn't fight us when we say you need to wipe your nose. She hasn't had any sore noses, and she really loves the grape scent although they also make a unscented version too. She also does a little of the song she made up shortly after getting our first kit. You never know a thousand people just might see her video and therefore her deer in the headlights look might just be justified.

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