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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Aging and changing up your skin care routine.

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Getting older has many challenges. One of them are menopause or in my case perimenopause. On top of that add hypothyroidism. Saying my body has been through a lot this last year is just a small view into the whole picture. So here I am changing up all of my lotions because my skin is just so dry. On some areas of my body you can actually peel inches of skin off at a time. Gross I know. 

With my feet I have found that they also needed a new cream. My tried and true just isn't up to par against this new stage in my skin life. I was happy to be able to try out pureauty naturals foot cream. Below you can see day one and day nine of my foot cream. 

Yes I know others have much worse dry skin then this but my feet were actually the last part of my body to start drying out. I believe in working to stop things before they get out hand. I found this cream much less creamy then what I had been using making me doubt it would work but low and behold it is getting the job done. 


Overall I was very happy with this cream and found the best time to put it on was after washing and drying my feet. I usually put it on before turning in for the night so it can work while I sleep. What I love about this cream is that it is made in the USA and is animal cruelity free. 

Currently I have been trying out lotions and creams for my body, hands, feet, and face to see what will work best for my aging skin. I think we have most of them narrowed down but I can say what works for one person may not work for you. Everyone I have spoken to has suggested a different cream or lotion to try that worked best for them. Hardly any of them worked for me. 

No one suggested this for my feet I found it by doing this review. You just never know where you answers will come from. If you are dealing with dry skin don't give up there has to be a product out there that will work for you. 

If you would like to try pureauty naturals foot cream check it out here