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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Not just any Pop it

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So the girls and I mean all of the girls in our family love these Pop Its, so when I saw it in a game form I knew we needed to have one so I placed it on my wishlist. Low and behold one of the companies wanted a review so who am I to turn them down when I knew this would give some cheer to two of my favorite girls. Luckily my granddaughter was over this weekend so they both were able to open this surprise together. They were really excited, just check out my video here.

Years ago we had a small circle pop it game, you know way before they became popular. Now we see them everywhere but there are only a few that caught my eye. This one is one of them. I am so glad they are enjoying the time together while playing a new game together.

Being only three years apart they still like a lot of the same things which makes gift-giving really easy. I like easy and I love making them smile.

If you are interested in this pop it game which included a set of dice check it out below.

Monday, July 19, 2021

This Little Piggy goes to the Beach

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I am a big sucker for farm animals, but pigs are probably my favorite. So when I saw this cute pig beach pail I just had to get it for my grandchildren to play with. I didn't catch that the pig had a pour spout through his nose, that makes this so much more cute. I really like that this set can be used for water or tub play as well with all of the pour spouts build into the pieces. 

The chunky handles on the rake and shovel are really nice for small hands but also fit well into an adults hands so both parents and children can play together. I should mention that the pig pail is a bit flexible too which makes it safe with no jagged edges.  I love the going to the beach and this would be so fun to play with in the sand and easy to find your pail with it being a pig. 

Another use for this would be in the snow although I am not a big advocate for playing in the snow other then for building a snowman, but the choice is there for those who would enjoy it. This would make an awesom basket filler or just a gift all on its own. Check out this eight piece set at Amazon