Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Medical Tests, Birthday Celebration, Car Accident

 Had my blood drawn for my kidney function test, came home waited for my daughter to come with our pick-up grocery order, then she took Dennnis to the bank, picked up our medication, and then we waited for her boyfriend and bean to come before we all piled into both cars and set off to have our birthday dinner at the buffet for Nesie, Dennis, Bean and myself.

We had a good time and then left for home. Nesie and I were in one car and her boyfriend, Dennis, Dorothy, and Bean were in the other car. On the way home we hit a deer pretty bad. Everyone is OK, we were able to drive home, but Nesie's car is in need of repair. No airbags went off but her hood and front bumper are pretty bad and her headlights probably need to be realigned.

Even though I was the passenger I still put my hand out to try and keep Nesie from going forward, but I do have to say her seatbelts did what they were supposed to do and kept us snug as a bug where we needed to be. I might be in a bit of pain tomorrow but we are all alive and well. God is good.

Once we got back to our house we had cake but we forgot to take pictures until the candles had been blown out and it was cut. It was a tres leches cake with strawberry filling. It was very good.

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