Friday, February 24, 2023

Serving my drinks in style

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Hear me out. I am sure you have seen some videos online of people taking their beverages and pouring them into carafes and putting them in their fridge then throwing away the container they came in. Even though I think that is wasteful I do have a use for carafes in our home. We often buy fresh, frozen, and ready-to-drink beverages. I use our carafes when we are mixing up our frozen drinks or making homemade lemonade. 

I really like this set I was sent to review. It is a pair of carafes with lids, and little signs and even has a chalkboard marker included to change out the labels as needed. Here you see it being used for our orange juice and fruit punch. My husband says it would also make a nice vase in a pinch. 

Easy to use and care for they make me feel like I am Serving my drinks in style and remind me of the orange juice container my mother had while I was growing up. Besides the lids, I like that the carafes are plain so you can put whichever beverage inside you decide. The labels are cute and let those who are serving themselves know what is inside. Also did I mention they look great in the fridge or at the table. Think lemonade on the porch in the summer. So cute. 

So if you use it like others on videos or just need it for things like we used them for you can find them here if you click on the photo below it takes you to my affiliate link which helps me out too. 


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