Monday, January 16, 2023

Getting ready for Christmas


Last year I knew going into the Holidays that we needed a new Christmas Tree and some decorations. Our old tree got moldy from a leak in our basement and most of our ornaments didn't make our last move. We decided on a red, white, and silver theme and went with that. I ordered a 7.5 foot tree with lights that could be either white or colored depending on how you feel each day. This tree was originally like 300.00 and I got it for I believe 43.13. I have to say it is the best tree we have had so far. Easy to set up and take down. We are very happy with it. 

I also bought new garland, penguin ornaments, gingerbread man decorations, and white, silver, and white decorations to go with everything. We even made a few decorations from crafts I had stashed for years. I also ordered a star in red. It isn't quite what we were looking for so I will be looking at new toppers for next year. The star goes well with the multi-colored lights but not so well with the white so we just left the star off when we had the white lights on. We live on a strict budget so buying things on sale is a must. I also ordered one of those glass trees with multi-colored lights because they remind me of my grandmother and aunts. It was also something my mom always wanted but never got. For a splurge, I bought a family of Moose decorations for our home. They are so cute. 

This year I would like to add a tree skirt (ours went missing) or tree box, a lighted wreath, some lighted pine garland, and some of those deer sets that light up for our porch. If I had to splurge I would buy those lamps that look like the lamps out of Narnia. I also want to get letters for each of the stockings so it is easier to keep track of whose stocking is whose. 

I showed my husband several ideas for how I want to hang the stockings this year and with a little thinking outside the box we are going to be able to make what I would like with things we already have on hand. Can't wait to show you all later in the year. Anyways those are my goals for Christmas this year. 

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