Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Making Waves

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Look at the spray on that boat. In case you didn't catch it that is a mini remote control power boat. I was sent this to review with my children and when we first opened it I had my doubts, it was small and lightweight. Once charged we took it up to the water to give it a try and boy were our socks blown off. This boat is fast and powerful. Very easy to control which is nice when you have children. It has already brought hours of fun. They want to race the ducks in the water but none will come near enough to try it with. I think this is a great gift idea. 

When you get the box you get a remote control, the boat, a charging USB, and two 3.7V 650mAh rechargeable batteries. You will need 2 AA batteries for the remote control and when we tested this we used the really cheap batteries and it still worked great. 

Specs: 2.4GHz 10km/h

If you are interested in this boat check out the link below and don't forget to use my discount code FTUWNDEF good till 6/30/2022 to save 10%.

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