Sunday, May 1, 2022

Glocusent 16 LED Rechargeable Book Light review

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I was recently able to try out the Glocusent 16 LED Rechargeable Book Light which was sent to me for my honest opinion. Honestly, I love it. It is rechargeable, you can change the light setting with a click, and it will last 80+ hours although I can't vouch for the 80 hours yet as I haven't read that many non-digital books to know if it lasts that long yet. 

This is great for both children and adults. You won't bother your partner while reading, it is great for camping or even for the kids who love to read when they are supposed to be sleeping. I was one of those kids for sure. I love that it helps me read without having to ask someone to help turn the light on at night as I am currently battling colon cancer and this gives me some independence on my down days so that I can do something for myself without having to depend on other so much during the night. 

What I think would make this better is a timer that blinks the light when it will turn off for those parents who don't want their kids staying up all night, as a reminder, it's time for bed you can read more tomorrow. 

If you are interested check it out at Glocusent 16 LED Rechargeable Book Light

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