Thursday, July 22, 2021

Eternal Spring

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My mother was a big collector of religious knick knacks, but once my father and her passed I wanted to decorate their gravesite with both religious and colorful items they loved in real life. With that being said I found these cute little birds from Gaidenly I thought would be a perfect addition to their grave site. They also make great decor for your home, garden, potted plants etc. 

I think it will give their gravesite a little touch of eternal Spring, and a pop of color in the middle of the cold days of winter. The next time I get to visit my parents I will drop them off, but until then they are hanging around here on our entertainment center with my very own small collection of knick knacks. 

They are well made resin pieces that measure about 2.8x2 inches each. I love how you can use them all at one time or split them up around your home for a little bit of surprise here and there. A great idea would be to buy these and when giving a gift of a plant to for say a housewarming party you could stick one inside the pot for a little extra pizzazz. 

You can find this four piece bird set at Amazon.

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