Thursday, May 20, 2021

One Summer Activity I know the girls are going to love.

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With summer coming and our family not being comfortable with everything opening up yet as well as the news we will be having our granddaughter most of the summer, I needed to come up with some activities to keep the girls busy in between when they run out of ideas. This girl’s creator braiding bracelet kit is one of the many awesome items we picked out. My daughter gave it a whirl today so we can make sure we know how to use it when the time comes.

Her results were OK for the first time using it. We didn't finish it off with the cutting or glue due to the fact she wants to practice to get better at it. My daughter is 13 and really needed a lot of help with this at first but once I showed her two rounds she was able to do the rest on her own. Like I said she wants to practice a bit more to get the string tighter and neater for the finnished look. 

She did say that this will be a good item to use during the summer with my 10 year old granddaughter and I am sure a few of her friends. 

The kit does say it makes up to 12 bracelets. With that being said this one took took two strings which leaves just enough to make 10 bracelets if you only use one color per bracelet so keep that in mind and maybe pick up some extra elastics and string. I see these being made with embroidery floss, paracord rope, yarn, and other simular strings which we have on hand and can be picked up easily at your local craft store or on Amazon. 

We love that this came with a bag so everything can be stored inside and grabbed at a moments notice for some bracelet making fun. I personally see this being used for years to come as long as I can continue to provide the elastics and string. Sadly right now there were no refill kits but maybe in the future they will have those available. 

Here is a picture of everything you get in the kit. 


Check it out below. 

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