Tuesday, November 17, 2020

It Happened

I know I don't always make posts about what is going on with our family and I apologize. I  will try to post more often, not only to keep my readers, family, and friends up to date but also a place to collect my thoughts, think things out, rant, or even cry. We are going through quite a lot. I will start with today. 

Deanna and Dennis ventured out early this morning with medical transportation, to the Oral Surgeon where they did her evaluation and pulled her wisdom teeth all in the same visit. So she is being more quite then normal, giving us a break for a few days till she is back to herself. 

While they were gone Dorothy's worker did two drop offs for us. One from Walmart and the other the medication that Deanna needed for after her Surgery. Medical transportation doesn't take you to pick up medication so we have to depend on others to do this for us till we can either get our van fixed or buy a new one (which won't be anytime soon). 

I also made the girls appointments for their other appointments coming up. I have important tests to get done myself but have put them aside while we are dealing with other things going on. Will try to explain it all in another post soon. 

I ended up taking a nap ( I usually take one every day) Later in the day we had a visit from our oldest daughter as she had to travel all the way down here for her Doctor's appointment and get some tests as well. For a reminder Samantha deals with anorexia and bulimia  She is down to 93 from her last weigh in here and that was up from what it was before she said. It was also done with clothes on and she wears double of almost everything. 

We ended the day with dinner with easy to eat items for Deanna, a Disney+ movie called Clouds in which I cried. Then game time with my husband on Apex , a game we like to play together, while Deanna decorated the Christmas tree and wrapped a few presents we had gotten throughout the year. She also placed them under the tree since we are doing Christmas very different his year.

So far we have Christmas with Nesie, Jake, and Bean on Deanna's Birthday, then our Christmas, and then Christmas with my son and his family in January. Samantha and Shawn will try to do one of the two first choices or even another day all together depending on their schedule. 

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