Tuesday, September 15, 2020

2020-2021 Books read by my daughter

 With many other parents, we had to make a choice to home school, send our children to school, or to join a host of others in distance learning. We chose distance learning. Even though my daughter is in 8th grade her reading level is far behind those of her peers. A whole different realization about how the education system let not only me down but most importantly my daughter down. 

So we are reading as much as we can across a wide span of  reading levels. Some she can read with ease then we  move up in reading level, some are much to hard for her so I read those to her, while I try to keep the books a little above her reading level to give her a bit of a challenge, I don't want her to give up on reading all together. Reading should be enjoyed, and even though she is interested in books, she gets discouraged just trying to keep up with her school work and most days it is a struggle to get her to read. All in a days work for this mom who wants to see her daughter succeed. 

Below you will find the books she has read or I have read to her. 

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