Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Journey Homeschool Academy

Growing up, I always loved science, but I typically enjoyed my science classes. My teachers were generally okay, but I really hated the drudgery of memorizing seemingly random names and facts, that I was not going to use in the Career I imagined of having as a grownup.

Now that I know a lot of home-schooled kids, I see the same thing: students who could really enjoy the sciences, but their parents haven't found ways to really engage them.

Science is the hardest when it comes to home-schooling children of any age. I want to make sure they are ready for any testing beyond our home that they will have to take, and I want to make sure that they are learning what they need, but I want it to be somewhat fun so they stay engaged in what I am teaching. Finding a good program to fill in some spots in what I am already teaching is key.

So if I could recommend one science curriculum for this year it would be Experience Astronomy or Experience Biology

Tomorrow night, Luke and Trisha (the creators of these engaging science programs) are hosting an OpeHouse you can get a look inside. If you have questions about the programs (or whether they’re EXACTLY what you need this year), they’re hosting a LIVE "Sneak Peek" call tomorrow night Tuesday August 27th at 8pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.

They'll be giving you a virtual tour of the program, explaining how things work, and fielding any questions you throw at them.

So get the kids in bed early tonight (or bring them along to check out the courses!) and we'll see you there. Be sure to register now so you don't forget. See you tomorrow!

Register for the Experience Astronomy & Biology Virtual Open House

PS: The LAST DAY to register for either course is August 31. You have just a few days left to register. After registration closes you won't be able to register your kids until it opens again next Spring for the 2019-2020 school year.

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