Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Didn't expect this to happen

Solve This

I have been a little down because my Fibromyalgia has been flaring up so bad that every part of my body has been hurting at the same time. On top of that I ended up with a Migraine. I happen to get Ocular Migraines so most of the time I loose all or part of my site during the Migraine.  

I was trying to do a little computer work but it found it very depressing as my arms and hands were just so sore. I happened upon a shared link on my friends Facebook which you can see above. I like number so I took a guess I was sure I had it. No way it was wrong so I took a few more guesses until I finally figured it out. 

I decided to post it on my facebook fan page Marksvilleandme to see if anyone would play along. As of a little while ago I was up to over 700 comments so I decided to do a little blog so my facebook friends could come and see the answer in one place and how it was solved. Sometime things are not as easy as they appear to be. 

So we have ONE shoe that = 5

The the boy who = 5
The boy is holding 2 snacks 2+2 which = 4
The boy also has a pair of shoes which = 10
Add all this together you get 19

then we have one snack which = 2

Back to the problem 

We now have 


by order of operations you do 19x2 first which =38

Now you have 5+38 =43

I had load of fun with this. It brought some cheer to my three days while I was in pain. I laughed, cried tears because I was laughing so hard, and kept updating my family about the progress. I hope you will join me on facebook with more rhymes, math, jokes, logic, and pictures like this. Lets keep our brains young and let our inner child run loose for a while. It is good for our hearts to enjoy everyday to it's fullest. Thank you everyone for having a little unexpected fun with me.

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