Sunday, June 10, 2018

Picnicking in style

One thing about having a family that you have to think about is all of the outings that are going to happen, from school activities, sports, to road trips, and vacations. 

We have been through a few picnic baskets in our days but have never had a picnic backpack so it is totally new to us. What I like most about this picnic backpack from Stanfer is that it has pretty much everything you need. A good sized blanket, the backpack to hold everything, service setting for up to 4 people, salt & pepper shakers, butter case, napkins, wine opener, as well as a win bottle holder and lots of room in the back compartment to pack all of your goodies in. 

You can also fit a 1 liter soda bottle or a bottle of sparkling juice in the wine holder. My daughter loves how comfortable the shoulder straps are, she said this will be easy to carry even while hiking which is something my older daughters take our younger daughters on from time to time.

A great way to save some money by bringing your own food from home as well as being eco friendly because everything is reusable. The blanket is water resistant on one side so that when you are sitting, you don't have to worry about getting wet from the ground. What is best is that everything fits right inside of the pack when you are done.

We have several road trips and days trips that this will be used on. Our children are excited to get going once their summer vacation starts.

This picnic backpack is available on my amazon link below.

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