Saturday, September 2, 2017

Charcoal for Teeth?

My daughter has been seeing all of the online ads for charcoal tooth whitening powder and wanted to use it. Me being a mom wanted to try it out first to make sure it was safe for her to use.

To be honest when I think of charcoal I instantly see in my mind hard black bricks made into powder and was more then a bit thrown back by it. To my surprise this Charcoal whitening powder is made from Coconut shells ground down into a powder. Not sure why they went with the word Charcoal but now that I know I am much more comfortable using it. 

I have stained teeth from Iron supplements so the Dentist has told me that whitening products would only take surface stains off of my teeth but would not change the overall color of my teeth. With this being said I still wanted to try it and even though there isn't much of a color change, I love the way my mouth and teeth feel. Amazingly smooth and shiny too.  

I do want to warn you to be ready for a black mess, I use an electric toothbrush so I suggest keeping your mouth closed as much as possible while brushing to keep black specks from flying all over your bathroom or your clothes. For us the specks cleaned up with a swipe of a cloth on the sink and walls, but I am not sure about the clothes. I suggest doing this before you get dressed or even in the shower. 

Very easy to use, wet toothbrush, dip in powder, brush teeth and tongue, then rinse well. Verdict is I will continue to use this in the future for a nice smile that feels like I just had my teeth cleaned by a Dentist.

The Belive Coconut Charcoal tooth whitening powder can be found at my affiliate link below. 

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