Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My beloved Dandelion is retiring

So here we are at a crossroads you know where we choose to love or hate what has come to be. One of my beloved Crayola Crayon Colors is being retired. Good OLD DEPENDABLE Dandelion. The color that I used for the bright sun in many pictures I drew and of course the color I chose when coloring little children's hair or even other flowers not just Dandelions. I sure hope Crayola knows they are loosing a good one, one that brought light and happiness to many a person.

So with that being said I have decided that Dandelion should go on bottles of Dandelion Wine for his retirement tour, so that us who are older and will miss Dandelion the most can raise our glasses one more time to a Crayon that served his people well. Bon Voyage my friend you will be missed and hope you leave behind a color that will brighten up everyday like you did.

You can find out more about Crayola on:
and about Dandelion's Retirement tour here

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