Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Smarson Home Dental Center

As a person with a loud but small mouth I have had always had a problem brushing and flossing my back teeth. My dentist taught me how to unlock my jaw to be able to do it but it can still be tedious. I have gotten floss stuck in my teeth and I have to have someone cut it out of my mouth. Talk about trusting someone.

My dentist for years has been trying to get me to purchase a unit like this and I finally took the plunge and bought an all in one kit. Now I can brush, and floss my teeth with no pain. My dentist is going to be so proud of me and I bet dental hygienist will thank me too.

Most of my dental appoints has been working between my teeth to get things I have missed and the tarter that is never ending. He said this would help with that too.

This set has everything you need for brushing and flossing a whole family system if you share but this baby is all mine. I love that his is rechargeable so that I don't have to worry about replacing batteries, or worse having it die while in the middle of using it.

The Smarson Home Dental Center can be found on Amazon.

The Smarson Home Dental Center is ideal for healthy oral care. The Smarson Water Flosser Irrigator and Toothbrush are lightweight and easy to introduce to your daily brushing routine. Prevent poor gum health with the 2 minute auto-timer feature recommended by Dentists. Key features include three pressure setting modes (soft, normal and pulse) that range from 40-90 PSI to comfortably massage teeth and gumlines. Pulsing setting will vibrate at 1,400 pulses per minute. Total operating time for both the water flosser and toothbrush on one full 8 hour charge is 70 minutes (or 2 weeks of daily use), powered by lithium ion batteries and universal voltage (100 to 240V). Other notable features include low power detection, mode preset, charge indication and disable work while charging. The Smarson Home Dental Center helps fight plaque, gingivitis and bacteria, promoting a cleaner mouth. The Home Dental Center is more gentle and effective for cleaning around dental work such as braces and bridgework as compared to a traditional toothbrush and floss. Smarson develops solutions for people and who value incorporating both innovation and functionality into their everyday lives. Smarson, a smart person's choice.


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