Saturday, August 20, 2016

Monster Mob

Looking for a great fun and easy game that doesn't take hours to learn how to play right? This might be the game for your next family game night. Mind you this is slotted for 2 players from ages 3 and up. Yes it is that easy to learn how to play and talk about fun.

My daughter likes to take this with us when we are waiting at appointments. Of course anyone who knows our family knows we love to play games. We like to look for games different then most out there. Even though this one feels like others games it is has it's own charm that everyone seems to love right from the start, from the cute monsters to their funny names. So funny. We have even come to trying to make the faces or sounds that some of the monsters might make if they were real.

Very easy to play. Mix up cards, divide in half and turn over the cards one at a time. You have two kinds of carts. Catch cards, and Monster cards. When a catch cart up for example catch 3 the other person has three cards to come up with a catch card of their own or lose the pile of cards. If they come up with a catch card for example catch 1 during their turn then the other player has only once card to come up with a catch card or that person will win the pile. Lots of fun with lost of twists and turns. Just when you think you are winning this game of chance can turn it right around on you.

We loved this game so much it is going on our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide List.

Monster Mob can be found on Amazon.

What Brain Box Ltd. has to say about their product.

Monster Mob as seen on kickstarter:
Everyone will enjoy playing Monster Mob, an exciting new children's card game.
Monster Mob is more than just a game
Our aim is to teach your child about taking turns and sharing. As the game is based on luck, a winning or losing streak doesn't last long.
Your kids don't need to know that they're learning just let them have fun assembling their Monster Army.
Because Monster Mob is compact, they can play it anywhere: at home, during car trips and with cousins at grandma's house.
Try Monster Mob risk-free
Customer satisfaction is our top priority, even with our youngest shoppers.
If your children aren't delighted by this fun family card game, return it within 30 days for a 100% refund of your purchase price.
No hassles and no questions asked.
How to play:
- There are two kinds of card - capture cards and monster cards.
- Play continues alternately until a capture card appears.
- Each capture card has a value of 1 - 4.
- The number on the capture card determines its value.
- If capture card with a value of 1 is revealed, then the opponent has only 1 attempt to reveal another capture card or lose the pile of monsters.
- Likewise a capture card with 2, 3 or 4 means the opponent has to reveal a capture card within 2, 3 or 4 cards or lose their monsters
For a fun family game that enhances your child's cognitive development, add Monster Mob Children's Card Game to your cart today.


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