Sunday, March 20, 2016

Confessions of a Clothing Hoarder Part 4

I have an update actually this is two days of work as well as a few extra pictures of our room while it was being painted and things being moved around. It took my husband several months to get the painting done. Being disabled really slows him down. He could have done a few large houses in this time before he was disabled. 

Yesterday I was able to get ride of the cedar rubbermaid tote in front of the closet by sorting, folding, and putting away things. My husband also picked up where the paint can had fallen and spilled on the wall when his dresser was here. You can also see what the right side of my closet looked like before we started. 

As you ca see it looks a lot better now, the floor is all clean. The closet was filled with our new bedding and pillows that we had bought about two years ago as well as tons of clothes we had to sort and go through. I also took everything out of the closet vacumned and then put everything back in on hangers. We were able to get rid of 5 garbage bags of clothes from this closet alone to donate which will be added to the 3 garbage bags of coats to donate that are waiting in our dining room for someone to pick up. 

This is the left side of the closet, as you can see when we opened the door stuff started pouring out. I forgot to mention that I also had a huge stack of magazines I need to go through which are now stacked by my bed. Once we cleaned out the closet we noticed another leak on the closet ceiling but not sure if it was before they fixed that part of the roof and the paint is just flaking, or if it is new so we need to keep an eye on it. There was no damage to anything so we are thinking it is from before they fixed the roof.

As you can see this look a lot better as well. My husband took a razor blade and cleaned off the mirrors. I have no idea why there was nail polish, and halloween colored hair spray on my mirror, or why the kids would even do such a thing, but we were thinking what we thought was nail polish might have been kids craft paint, but we aren't sure. Either way everything came off and once we have some more vinegar I will go over it with a microfiber cloth to make it less streaky. All we had was Fantastic to clean with.

This mess is in front of the Closet system we bought when we moved here, and as you can see it was pretty much a disaster. Of course after we got rid of the plastic frame we found drawers in the two bedrooms we just finished as well as my daughters room. When we asked everyone said there were none, "of course there weren't". 

Like I said our room went through a few changed from the painting, and then our daughter going off to college, we too her dresser. Like most parents our children always had the nice bedding while we did with handme downs we found along the road. We strive to have a nice set someday but until then we continue to reuse and repurpose.

You might notice the dresser goes from having things on it to nothing and then to having stuff on it again. I need to get things in drawers but my Fibromyalgia will only let me get so much done. I was lucky enough to have energy enough to do this two days in a row. I of course didn't make dinner either night, my husband made two simple dinners for us, pizza last night, and ham & cheese wraps tonight. I appreciate his help. 

I had my husband take some measurements for the spaces above the closet organizer as well as our hutch so I can either find baskets later on for them when we have money or if I can get a few rolls of contact paper in a nice pattern I can do some cardboard boxes cut down to size for the tops. One thing about doing reviews, we always have boxes coming in. 

Here are a few more pictures of the wall before it was painted. Believe me we have been here for going on 9 years now and we never got around to painting our room so it still had compound on the walls from the people before us and some from spots my husband went over. But now the room is done, not the ceiling it is just too much for him to do now.

I still have some more to do in this room, and hope to get to it sooner or later. I have clothes to put in drawers, magazines to take down into my office to go through and of course once my husband is done with his dressers, pictures of his dressers. 

The best part about the whole day was being able to put brand new curtains up on the windows, and brand new bedding on the bed. It literally has been sitting my closet for two years, and now is finally being used. I have a plan for new nightstands that my husband thought was awesome. We have most of the supplies but are missing two things to make it happen so I as soon as we can either find those for free or I can find them for an awesome price online that will have to wait. 

By the way I also have another bedding set we bought about a month after this because I wanted to make sure we had two sets in case we needed to change our bedding during the night. As for the old ripped, stained, and worn bedding, the comforter will be used for a blanket for our dog kennel before making it's way to the dump. I hope you like Confessions of a Clothing Hoarder so far and continue to come back and visit.

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