Friday, March 11, 2016

Bathroom Pantry part 1

Anyone who came from Confessions of a Clothing Hoarder Part 2 you know the deal and anyone who has fallen on this post welcome. 

I am mother who used to have it all together, clean everyday, no messes, that is until I got Fibromyalgia. Now that the kids are growing up, moving out, I have been stuck with lots of messes, some from them, some from me not staying on top of them to pick up. 

Recently I wanted to make myself more accountable even if it took a whole year to get my house back in order so I started writing on my blog about different areas in our home that needed help. Mind you we rent and our landlord doesn't like to fix things so please excuse the leak stains on the ceilings, holes from rats in the walls, rugs that are about 16 years old, etc. Believe me he has worse and we are thankful for the house we are in. 

We live in a big farm house that is very old, and temperamental. For the ghost seekers out there we only have one that we know of and it doesn't cause any harm, just come in the front door up the stairs into a certain bedroom, then down the stairs and out the door a few hours later. 

One of the reasons we decided to get things in order is because of the rats, which our cats kill quickly, but of course they have found our food pantry and they have been getting fat on lots of food. Our pantry is probably one of the more well kept rooms in the home but we found that they had eaten through one box into another and another. We didn't even know they were back there until we went to pull a box down and it was empty inside except from the rat hole from one box to the next. Our landlord finally had someone put rat poison in our basement this week, I haven't heard them chewing in the walls today so I guess that is a good sign. 

So back to the Bathroom Pantry which also houses our games and linens which have not been done yet, but are included in the pictures below. 

This is a built in where the maid stairs used to go to the attic which has been closed off. As you can see it is filled with lots of half empty bottles from my daughters getting tired of a shampoo. In my day you finished the bottle and then used the tiny bit that was left to take a bubble bath. Where did I go wrong?

This the area behind the bathtub to the pantry in the back of our upstairs bathroom.

This is what it look like before my husband and myself went back to make things better after of course help from my girls in clearing everything off of the shelves and floor. My husband had to actually fix the one drawer because the kids had stepped on it and broke it.

This is what is left of my stock pile. Although I am very happy I stockpiled I am very upset to see that it wasn't taken care of and that they kids were just throwing things around back here. 

The linens you can't tell what is what or which bed it goes to this will be updated in part 3 or 4. You can also see our game shelf which needs lots of work and that will be in this series as well. 

This is the heater in our bathroom. See the plates? Our kids aren't supposed to eat upstairs and don't ask how many dishes come out of their rooms when I ask for the dishes. The toilet, bathtub, and sink are pretty much always clean so I didn't bother with pictures but will add them at the end when I do the bathroom part.

No my kids aren't bad, and no I am not a bad parent. I am just a parent who is sick much of the time and gave my kids way to much responsibility. I am trying to take back the reins so that they can see. Mommy can keep up with the house even if it takes me a while to do it. 

A little about our home. We live in a large house with 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 pantry's, living room, dining room, kitchen, basement, and porch. 

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