Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fish, Fish, Squish

A few years ago I really wanted to get into reviewing games during our family game nights but most of what we already had were games almost everyone has not that I don't mind doing reviews on older games because I don't. We still enjoy playing them but I wanted to show my readers new games that they might not know about so now that I have a little more experience under my belt and more newer games to tell my readers about I want to start doing game reviews more often.

This week we played Fish, Fish, Squish made by Winning Moves Games. When I first opened it I noticed there was squish dough in four colors so I told my girls to grab some snack bags to store the dough in after the game but to my surprise this company had thought of everything and put in 4 plastic resealable bags for the dough to be stores in. First good score for our family. A second goes to the squishy dough because who doesn't like playing with dough?

This game is meant for two - four players with each picking out a dough color a fish mold (games come with 4) and a fish card to stand your fish on. Each person makes 5 fish. Then the oldest person sets up the game. Very easy to do.

Now for the squishing part of the game. You just flip one card at at a time and if you get three different color fish in a row you get to squish one of any opponents fish. The person with the most fish left when all cards have been turned over wins. We had to go into overtime because two of us had two fish left. My husband ended up winning.

This game is more for a child but my 13 year old and even my husband and myself had fun at 43. Like I said who doesn't like playing with dough.

Overall this game has staying power. If your dough ever gets worn out just replace with your favorite squish dough which you can find in just about any toy store. When you first work the dough that comes with it make sure an adult helps, it is a bit tough, once it is worked in it is soft and pliable though. Our family gives this game a thumbs up.

You can find Fish Fish Squish on Amazon.

You can find out more about Winning Moves on:

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