Friday, January 8, 2016

New Games for Marksville

MarksvilleandMe reviews Last Mouse Lost & Go Bong 
Our family loves to play new games and the Last Mouse Lost was no different except maybe only 2 people can play at a time. Our family loves to play new games and the Last Mouse Lost was no different except maybe only 2 people can play at a time. This is recommended for ages 5 and above. Last Mouse Lost takes 10 or less minutes to play.

I like that it is light, small, no pieces to lose, and very fun and easy to play. The object is that the last person who punches a mouse down will be the loser. My girls also love to just push all of the mice down and reverse the play piece and start again, kind of like a stress reliever. 
Last Mouse Lost is the perfect quiet game for a car ride. There are no small pieces and if it falls or flies through the air it shouldn't hurt anyone or anything. It is small so it doesn't take up much room. The board is made out of a Silicone type material and flips over once your game is done to start again.

Go Bong is new to our family we have had Last Mouse for quite sometime and it still keeps our children busy. Go bong gives you 6 different ways to play with almost the same kind of board as the Last Mouse Lost does. Our favorite way to play is the Solitaire Knight Game. These games are easy to play, fun, and travel well.

These games can be found on Amazon.

What FoxMind has to say about their product

FoxMind's Go Bong! and Last Mouse Lost are Easy, Affordable, Addictive Fun
Jump start your neurons by playing FoxMind's new self-contained new games, Last Mouse Lost and Go Bong!
In Go Bong!™, play several solitaire games or challenge an opponent in other games.
Both, Go Bong and Last Mouse Lost are "smart" game  choices as stocking stuffers, executive desk gifts, waiting room games, and coffee table conversation pieces.

Go Bong (MSRP $8.99) is a self-contained one or two-player game that is perfect for passing the time while traveling or used simply for stress relief because it is quite relaxing to squish the game board bumps.. The square rubberized board has rows of puffed up bubble-like mounds. Players try to use different logic patterns to press down the bumps in strategy and deductive reasoning style games.
AND... as soon as the game is over, just flip it over and it's ready to go again.

Last Mouse Lost (MSRP $7.99) is also a self-contained game.  It's a simple strategy game for two players to compete in a battle of quick math and chance. The objective of the game is make your opponent press down the last mouse and not get caught with the last mouse standing. Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round.
AND... as soon as the game is over, just flip it over and it's ready to go again. Whoever wins three of five rounds wins the game!

Both Last Mouse Lost and Go Bong are dishwasher safe to clean too!

About FoxMind Games: 
Appropriately named, FoxMind, publishes and distributes a cunningly sly array of original games that provide fun and entertainment while underlying beneficial mind-sharpening skills for all participants.  Founded in 2000, FoxMind, based in Montreal, Quebec, the company philosophy is to offer educational games, logic puzzles, spatial visualization, strategy and party games for the whole family. With numerous international prizes already on its mantle, FoxMind sells its product line worldwide and is a documented favorite brand of parents, teachers and fans everywhere. Recently, the company ventured into the dynamic arena of electronic games, with its first offerings for the iPhone and the iPad already available.

You can find out more about FoxMind on:

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