Sunday, November 1, 2015

2in1 Towel/Drawstring backpack

My oldest daughter used to have a bag/towel something like this and it lasted for years. I was so happy to find another one and be able to try it out and tell my readers about it. This is great for my girls who pretty much swim every day of the summer, weather permitting. They take their towel, swim suits, sunglasses, sunblock, and water and they are off for the day until they come home for lunch and dinner.

This backpack turns into a towel and while in backpack form can hold all you need for a day at the beach, pool, or waterpark. What I love about this is that this towel is much softer than the original backpack/towel she had.

You can find this Towel/backpack on Amazon.

What Tandem Active has to say about their product.

 -2 IN 1 MULTI-PURPOSE MICROFIBER TOWEL/DRAWSTRING BACKPACK - This versatile product can be used as a towel as well as a backpack! This multi-purpose towel is the ideal towel for the active lifestyle, whether you are going to the gym, the beach, the swimming pool, boating, hiking, camping, pilates, yoga, travelling overseas, backpacking or simply just to dry after a bath or shower, this towel will have you covered.

-CAN BE FOLDED INTO A DRAWSTRING BACKPACK - You can use this as a towel or a backpack anywhere and anytime! When you are going to the beach or pool or wherever, you can put your contents into the backpack, and when you need to dry yourself or sunbathe, just take the contents out and turn the backpack into a towel! This is perfect if you are a minimalist or if you don't want to carry a big backpack. There is room for flip flops, shoes, a water bottle, sunscreen

-ULTRA-ABSORBENT AND DRIES FAST - Our towel is made of 100% microfiber. Why did we use microfiber? Microfiber dries a lot quicker than the average cotton towel, making it the perfect towel for the active lifestyle. Microfiber also absorbs 3-4X more water than the average cotton towel, meaning you will be able to dry your body and hair or anything else much faster!

-LARGE BUT COMPACT: Size of towel: 55" x 30". Size of backpack : 17" x 13" - Despite this towel's large size it is still lightweight compared to the average cotton towel. Not only does it weigh less, it is also very compact when folded. You can either fold it into a drawstring backpack or just fold it normally like any other towel.

-SAVE MONEY - We are confident that once you purchase this towel, you will never look back as this will be your Number 1 towel for any activity or sport . You will be saving money as you won't be needing to buy other extra towels. For the price of $24.99, you will be getting 2 products in 1 neat package - a towel and a backpack. That's a quality bargain! We implore you to buy one and try it out today. Also, if you order two 2in1 Towel Backpacks, you will get FREE SHIPPING!


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