Monday, October 26, 2015

Family Game Night with Roosterfin

Our family loves to play games and with it getting colder outside this is what we turn to on rainy, cold, or snowy days when the children can't go outside to play. Yes we play games in the spring and summer, just not as much as in the colder months. What can I say we are blessed with children who would rather be outside playing then inside cooped up.

Recently we had the chance to try out three new to our family games from Roosterfin through a featured party opportunity from Tryazon. We were able to try out Rooster Race, Lumpy Cubes, and Mohawks.

What we loved most about the games from Roosterfin is that they were new and different from other games available, which is what we strive for.

Here we are opening and learning about the games while having fun doing it.

First Game up

Mohawks is a really fun game to play. Each player gets two balls of the same color and you have to bounce them on a table into the goal. We had lots of fun with this. You could also play with 6 people with 2 of each being on a team if you want to change up the game a little. 

Lumpy Cubes

Lumpy Cubes is awesome and probably the one we had the most fun with. As you can see I was the big winner tonight. Very easy to play up to 4 people unless you want to do teams. You flip a card over and everyone playing needs to put their cubes together in the same order as the card says. First person with the right combination wins. 

Rooster Race

Rooster Race was really fun as well. I would suggest that there be more corn included because we ran out and had to use slips of paper for corn. In this game everyone is dealt cards with one card being left face up on the table. You then take turns guessing if your card is going to be lower or higher, if you guess right you get a corn, wrong and you lose a corn. When all cards are flipped over the winner will be the one with the most corn.

What we like about all of the games from Roosterfin is that they are easy to set up, playtime is quick, and the games keep everyone involved. I look forward to trying out more games from Roosterfin in the future. 

You can find Roosterfin games on their website or on Amazon.

You can find out more about Roosterfin on:

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