Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Double handle leash

This is a great leash for those who need to be able to let their dogs have more space but be able to rein them in a bit when needed. Our Saint loves room to do her own thing, but there are times when people set her off. I do with that feeling because if she doesn't like them, they probably are not good people, but sometimes she is just being protective of her area, myself, or the kids.

To be honest we have only had her go after someone once and she ran then stopped 10 feet in front of them not letting them near us. She did what she was supposed to do to protect us. The people didn't do anything else so she never had to go any further herself.

We had never even trained her to do this but she knew just what to do and we were very proud of her. Since my husband has been injured we depend on our dog to protect us. She is mainly my protector with protecting the kids second and my husband last.

Now with that being said our dog is about as Gentle as you can get with her being a Saint but like I said sometimes she doesn't like people and we have to rein her in a bit to be closer to us and to make sure she doesn't bite anyone, which hasn't happened yet and with her being 7 years old I don't see it happening unless she starts to get senile.

You can find the double handle leash on Amazon.

What Primal Pet Gear has to say about their product.
DOUBLE HANDLE DOG LEASH: FOR DOG OWNERS WHO GENUINELY CARE ABOUT THEIR DOGS Need a new Dog lead?Are you concerned about your dog's safety when you're out?Stop searching, we have what you need: the Primal Pet Gear Double Handle Dog Leash.
Designed with top-quality durable but soft heavy duty nylon, our dog leash features 2 handles, one at the end of the leash at 8ft and another at 12" from the clip. The long one is perfect for casual walks, extended sniffing and loose leash walking, the shorter one is great for busy sidewalks, bike paths and crowded areas that require that you have instant, up-close control of your k9. Can be used as a Training aid to control Dominance and Aggression.Keep your beloved dog safe no matter where you go. Plus, you've got soft padding on both handles so your palms will be comfortable even if your walk is longer than usually. You can walk at slow speed or even start running if the area is not crowded, so you can both get some exercise!Ideal for large, medium and even some small dog breeds, our Double Handle Dog Leash is a must-have for any conscious dog owner who cares about their four-legged companion!

Some big advantages include:

• 2 handles: one at 8ft and another one 12" from the clip.
• Great control of your dog in both busy and less crowded areas.
• Extra padding on handles adds comfort.
• Dog's range of motion is limited when you're holding the short handle.
• 5 year Money-back guarantee.

You can find out more about Primal Pet Gear on:

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